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  • Top ten Autumn baby names

    Oakley, Cedar...and of course, Leaf! As we say goodbye to Summer, you might be saying ‘Hello’ to a new arrival this Autumn. Bounty, the parenting website, has ‘rustled’ together some seasonal favourites when it comes to ‘namespriration’ for this time of year.   Our Top 5 for Girls Amber - Name your baby after this precious and mysterious stone famous for its deep honey-yellow colouring...

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  • 5 ‘oh so cute’ baby shower ideas

    Baby showers are continuing to become more and more popular throughout the UK - it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party and to unleash your inner ‘iddy-biddy’ cute. There are lots of ways you can make sure you cover all things baby cute at your baby shower and we’ve compiled our Top 5 from SoFeminine’s baby shower ideas list. Pink? Blue? Maybe no one knows...but here goes!  ...

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  • Cooking with Toddlers: Kitchen friendly recipes

    In celebration of National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day, we thought we’d find you some simple cooking-together recipes that we think toddlers will love! If you are brave enough to let your toddler into the kitchen and give them access to messy items such as flour and eggs, accompanied by equally as messy tools such as a whisk - then well done you!   Something sweet: Space Rock Cakes Servings: 6 Large Rock Cakes...

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  • 5 ways your hair changes during pregnancy

    World Beard Day was marked on 1 September which brings me on to the topic of weird (and often unwanted) hair growth in pregnancy. Some women can experience the fuzz on their face, nipples and belly which is all normal and usually disappears after child birth. Pheww. Aside from the ‘nuisance’ hair, you will see changes in your lustrous locks and here’s what you might find… 5 Fuzzy Facts: 5. First...

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  • 2 min read: Signs of heatstroke in babies & toddlers

    Heatstroke - what is it? When the body becomes overheated, its temperature rises BUT it’s ability to cool down stops.   How can my Little One get it? Your baby or toddler can get heatstroke if they are out in very hot weather and not keeping well hydrated. Overdressing them can also make them overheated.   Heat exhaustion - what are the signs? Before heat stroke strikes, heat exhaustion is often already...

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  • At what age can a child be left alone?

    With the school holidays just around the corner, childcare arrangements will be playing on many parents minds. According to a report by the NSPCC, last years summer holiday period caused 849 calls to the charity’s helpline reporting children who had been left home alone.* Astonishingly, a third of these were about children under five. There is no legal age as to when a child can be left alone, but it is against the law to put...

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  • 6 ways to road test baby names

    Your baby's name...it's a BIG decision. They cause much Google searching, endless discussion and arguments as your partner and you attempt to whittle it down to that one single name. Help IS on hand. Mamamia has come up with 6 BRILLIANT ways to road test your shortlisted baby names.   1. The Playground test Practice shouting out the name around the house. Can you imagine calling out that...

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  • QUIZ: Could your baby have a cow’s milk allergy?

    Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is the most common food allergy in children under one years old. It’s not just caused by the milk in formula, or actual cow’s milk, it’s also occurs in breast milk. So what is CMA? It’s an allergic reaction to the protein in cow’s milk. Your baby may have CMA if they are unsettled or appear to be in discomfort after their feed, although it can take up to a couple of days...

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  • Ask yourself these 4 questions during a toddler tantrum

    When it comes to toddler tantrums and meltdowns - it's all about damage limitation. Lifestyle blog Aleteia has come up with these quick-go-to questions to ask yourself during a toddler meltdown - keep these close. Has my child had enough food and sleep? A hungry, tired toddler is definitely not a happy toddler. Battling with one of these is a losing one.   2. Has my child had too much screen time? Over...

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  • Top buys: Sunproof your LOs this summer

    I hear of lot of people are loving this hot weather, but when it comes to babes and children – it’s not so good. Babies in particular need to be in the shade, but many parents make the mistake of thinking that a pretty parasol is good enough to protect baby. Sorry, but they are for show only!  If mum and Dad chose their pushchair carefully, the hood often comes a long way forward - - often enough to hide baby, but...

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