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  • Organic & Natural Baby Products: Should we bother?

    During our pregnancy-haze we find ourselves trawling the shops looking for things the baby will need - cot, pram, bottles, pumps and pillows to name a few. We want the best for our baby from day zero. So what’s the hoo-hah about organic and natural baby products? They seem to be expensive. And are natural products really as natural as they say? So should you bother? We think so yes. And here's why. It's better for their...

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  • Eco friendly: Here's how to make your own wet wipes

    The news broke last year, that as part of a 25 year environment plan to eliminate single-use plastics, the UK government have stated that this will include wet wipes. Wet wipes which include baby wipes, antibacterial wipes and facial cleansing wipes are having a huge impact on our environment. “In the past decade we’ve seen a 700 per cent rise in wipes washed up on beaches,” says Dr Laura Foster, head of pollution at the...

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  • Baby's Health & Wellbeing: Being prepared

    Bringing baby home from hospital is nerve-wracking enough but when they start to show signs of discomfort or being unwell it can be quite distressing. There are a few common healthcare issues that parent's will come across when it comes to their baby. At times, you may find your baby has a stuffy, blocked nose and is congested. This can be quite common and a great tool to keep at home (and on the go) is a simple nasal aspirator....

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  • 5 ways to protect newborns from colds

    Do you feel like your baby is always catching a cold? Runny nose, nasal congestion, chesty cough? Well, it's little wonder as there are 200+ viruses that cause the common cold. Our little one's immune system brand new and still building up its resilience to colds and viruses. Over time, each exposure will make it stronger. There are ways in which you can keep the lurgies at bay. We've got together with Medi-Redi...

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  • 10 small steps to a safer home

    We know our homes inside out but for a small child it can be an adventure playground.  Do you know the Big Four Hazards when it comes to child safety? Choking, suffocation, water and fire (heat) As parents, we need to be on the lookout constantly for any potential dangers that might threaten our child's welfare. This can be tricky when you are away from home and not so familiar with the environment around you, but...

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  • 5 ‘oh so cute’ baby shower ideas

    Baby showers are continuing to become more and more popular throughout the UK - it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party and to unleash your inner ‘iddy-biddy’ cute. There are lots of ways you can make sure you cover all things baby cute at your baby shower and we’ve compiled our Top 5 from SoFeminine’s baby shower ideas list. Pink? Blue? Maybe no one knows...but here goes!  ...

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  • 5 ways your hair changes during pregnancy

    World Beard Day was marked on 1 September which brings me on to the topic of weird (and often unwanted) hair growth in pregnancy. Some women can experience the fuzz on their face, nipples and belly which is all normal and usually disappears after child birth. Pheww. Aside from the ‘nuisance’ hair, you will see changes in your lustrous locks and here’s what you might find… 5 Fuzzy Facts: 5. First...

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  • 2 min read: Signs of heatstroke in babies & toddlers

    Heatstroke - what is it? When the body becomes overheated, its temperature rises BUT it’s ability to cool down stops.   How can my Little One get it? Your baby or toddler can get heatstroke if they are out in very hot weather and not keeping well hydrated. Overdressing them can also make them overheated.   Heat exhaustion - what are the signs? Before heat stroke strikes, heat exhaustion is often already...

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  • At what age can a child be left alone?

    With the school holidays just around the corner, childcare arrangements will be playing on many parents minds. According to a report by the NSPCC, last years summer holiday period caused 849 calls to the charity’s helpline reporting children who had been left home alone.* Astonishingly, a third of these were about children under five. There is no legal age as to when a child can be left alone, but it is against the law to put...

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  • 6 ways to road test baby names

    Your baby's name...it's a BIG decision. They cause much Google searching, endless discussion and arguments as your partner and you attempt to whittle it down to that one single name. Help IS on hand. Mamamia has come up with 6 BRILLIANT ways to road test your shortlisted baby names.   1. The Playground test Practice shouting out the name around the house. Can you imagine calling out that...

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