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Pushchairs: where to start?

Pushchairs: where to start

One of the most exciting things about preparing for baby’s arrival is purchasing a pushchair - whether new or secondhand. It’s one of the most expensive items you will buy so it’s good to have a think about what you might need and how you will use it.

We've got together with Didofy - makers of the 3-in-1 travel system to give you some points to consider!


Three good places to start:


  • STYLE What do you like the look of?

  • BUDGET How much do you want to spend?

  • LIFESPAN How long do you want it to last?


Newborns will be in pram for the first 6 months of its life. These are lie-down and parent facing, usually with a hood - and looks a bit like a crib on wheels!

Some parents like to buy a travel system. This is a pram which not only has the lie down feature but also comes with a  ‘sit up seat’ and typically can last a child up to 18 months - 2yrs. Some even come with a car seat or the adpaters to fix one. A travel system is designed to last your little one throughout their babyhood.


Check out Didofy’s Lotus - The Lotus features a 3-in-1 travel system, which is suitable for use from birth up to a weight of 25kg. This 3-in-1 travel system consists of a carrycot, pushchair, and raincover, and car seat adapters are available.


Buggies or strollers are great for when little one is toddling, as they are great for the nursery drop-off, supermarket sweep or even for holidaying abroad. Lightweight, collapsable and compact.

And if you’re energetic and into running then a jogging stroller may be for you. Or, if you’re the energetic type as in a 'mother of twins' then you will definitely be needing a double stroller!


We have divided this section into pushchairs which are suitable for a newborn baby; lightweight strollers which are designed for the older child (a few can be used from birth and these will be found in both sections); Doubles if you have more than one child to push and finally... accessories for all those little items which you may or may not find useful!