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The Baby Packing Checklist

Baby packing checklist

Liat Hughes Joshi, author of What to Buy for Your Baby (White Ladder Press) says: "There's no such thing as packing light when you're travelling with a baby. The key is to get organised and think through what you need for the key areas of baby care - so feeding, sleeping, changing and playing. This will make working out what you need to take less overwhelming."

Do you remember the first time you left the house with your newborn baby? Just a simple day out requires a lot of stuff! It can be mind-boggling thinking about the logistics behind what you might need to take on holiday.

So, if you're planning your holiday, or have one booked, we have a handy checklist for you to help you on your way.

View and print the ‘Baby packing checklist’ by © Airport Parking Shop

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash