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6 Cool ways to keep baby comfortable at night

6 Cool ways to keep baby comfortable at night

It can be quite tricky to know what’s best for your baby during the hot nights - what to dress them in, window open or closed?...Fan or no fan?

Bedrooms can get up to 25 degrees celsius + on an evening, if the day has been particularly warm and there is little or no breeze. The NHS recommend a baby or child’s bedroom to be between 16-20 degrees celsius.

There are a few ways you can help make the room cooler and your baby more comfortable and they’re relatively simple!


1. Prepare their room during the day

Close curtains and blinds. If the sun is generally on their window all day, this will help the room from getting too warm.

2. A cool bath before bedtime

This will not only make them feel less hot and sticky, it will help cool them down before bed

3. A fan

Great for circulating the air and creating a gentle breeze but don’t point at on on your baby. A helpful tip is to stand frozen bottles of water in front the fan to make the air cooler.

4. Dress them in less

If it’s really warm, just a nappy will do. Or, a t-shirt or lightweight sleep sac if they are used to a cover.

5. Check the room temp

Regularly monitor the temperature in your baby’s room during the night to make sure they are appropriately dressed - not too hot, not too cold. The room temperature can dramatically change during the night with the outside air temperature often dropping.

6. Check their temp

The best way to check a baby’s temperature by touch is by feeling the back of their neck. If you are worried about their actual body temperature, use a thermometer to be safe.


Read more infomation on SIDS and getting the temeprature right here

Useful products

Projection Thermometer - great for checking the room temperature and your baby's temperature

Meelight - the handy little clip on light for when you're up and down during the night

Humidifier - great for adding moisture into the air and relieving coughs and colds


Photo by Ashley Schulze on Unsplash