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Travel Cots | Mosquito Protection

Travel Cots Mosquito Protecton

Mosquito protection will undoubtedly be on most people’s holiday shopping list this summer.

Do you carry out the intruder check before settling down to sleep? First frantically checking the walls, ceilings, furnishings or just about any nook and cranny of your holiday suite or apartment for Mosquitos.

And it’s not all about trying to prevent the bites – the sore, itchy, irritability-inducing – bites, but more importantly that Mosquitoes can cause severe illness or indeed even death. And, it’s not just in exotic, far away or developing countries.

Without bringing the ‘doom and gloom’ let’s just take a minute to look at some of the facts and figures. We recently read the article published by The Daily Star “Heatwave sparks spread of lethal Mosquito virus in Europe – 22 Dead” the article reads in part:

  • “Health experts have warned cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) have increased dramatically in 2018 compared to the previous four years.
  • A total of 401 human WNV infections have been reported in Europe with 22 deaths according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
  • The most affected countries include Serbia (126 cases), Italy (123), Greece (75), Hungary (39) and Romania (31).
  • A staggering 84 people have been struck down by the virus including four deaths in Veneto, north east Italy.”
  • “In the article the ECDC say; Rocketing temperatures and extended dry spells following intense short periods of rain throughout the summer have helped mosquito breeding.
  • “Most people infected with West Nile Virus do not develop symptoms, but one in five develop a fever and around one in 150 infected sufferers can develop a severe and potentially fatal illness affecting the central nervous system or meningitis.”
  • “It is reported that 59 of the 84 cases in Veneto were described as mild but in the rest encephalitis, inflammation of the brain which can be life-threatening, had developed.”

Yes, it is better to be safe than sorry and as parents, we need to be so vigilant and I don’t think we can now take for granted, that we might, be living in parts of the world where we don’t really see deadly diseases, spread by the onslaught of infected mosquitos, from warmer climates anymore.

One of our great finds was the BabyHub SleepSpace – sleep, play and protection.

Now, BabyHub most definitely are not the only company to sell a travel cot with mosquito net to accompany their products, though it's priving tricky to find travel cots that sell the mosquito net with the cot on initial purchase.

Firstly, you have such products as the Arc-2 travel cot by LittleLife which features netting, forming part of the arch shape of the cot and so allows for protection against insects without needing an add on – This cot replicates a mini tent so could very well be suited to families wanting to go on their first camping trip with baby in tow. Of course, there are other options out there like the Inovi Cocoon Bassinet suitable for up to 6 months it has a removable mesh cover that protects your little one from insects and curious pets whilst allowing air to circulate around them.

Brands such as Nuna Sena who now sell the Nuna Sena insect net to be used with their cots and also the Babydan mosquito net which can be used with most of the standard shape travel cots by simply placing the net over the open section of the cot and securing around the sides.

If you have found some great products why not leave a comment on our FB post?