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Louie & Belle – the new Spring collection from BabyBjörn

Baby Bjorn Louie & Belle

This Spring, BABYBJÖRN is delighted to present a new collection in partnership with the Norrman family. The collection is named after baby Louie and big sister Belle, and features Baby Carrier Mini, Baby Carrier One and Bouncer Bliss. To coincide with the launch, mum Andrea and dad Linus, together with their two young children, are sharing their story with us. It's about how two became four in a short space of time, and about love, closeness and the importance of finding your own path in life.

Baby Carrier Mini and Baby Carrier One are two soft and ergonomic baby carriers that make it easy for parents to give their baby the important closeness that strengthens the parent-child bond from day one. The flexible fabric allows the babywearer to both see and feel that they’re carrying their newborn in a natural position. The fabric gently hugs the baby’s back, legs and hips, and provides good support so that they sit in a comfy, ergonomic position. Baby Carrier Mini is a small, snug and simple baby carrier that mum or dad can put on quickly for frequent, short babywearing sessions. It’s easy for the parent to unfasten the entire front section of the baby carrier to lift out their sleeping baby. It’s perfect for the first months when the baby needs a lot of closeness around the clock.

With Baby Carrier One, a parent needs no assistance to easily and safely switch between carrying their baby facing in, facing out or on their back, once the child is ready. The baby carrier’s fully adjustable size, seat area and head support mean that it can be adapted as the newborn baby grows and their needs change. Baby Carrier One has a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps that relieve pressure on the wearer’s back and shoulders and make it comfortable to carry the child up to the age of three years. Bouncer Bliss is a cosy place for a baby to play or rest close by, while mum or dad takes a shower or prepares a meal. The bouncer rocks gently when the baby kicks their legs or waves their arms. Our baby bouncer doesn’t require batteries – it runs on pure fun! Playing in the baby bouncer also helps the baby to develop their motor skills and balance. Bouncer Bliss can be used from newborn and up to the age of two years.