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Changing Bags

There are only a few things to consider where changing bags are concerned – will it take everything you need; what does it look like and what can you afford!

If you are taking baby to childcare while you go back to work, you’ll need quite a big bag. A baby goes through a lot of nappies, changes of clothes, bottles and soothers etc during the day. Going out for the day can be just as fraught.  However, just popping to the shops, you’ll only need something ‘just in case’. A small changing bag with just a couple of wipes, a nappy or two and a changing mat can be just the answer.

What do you need to keep in your bag?

  • Nappies (obviously!) – always pack a couple more than you think you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than having a really stinky nappy and no clean ones left!
  • Nappy Bags – essential as you’ll need somewhere to keep used nappies and their contents away from everything else!
  • Wipes – again you’ll need plenty, and you’ll need to keep them close to hand. A couple of bags have special pockets for them! A small bottle of disinfectant hand gel is also useful
  • Nappy Rash Cream – always useful to protect delicate little bums which will always start to look sore at the most inconvenient time. Look out for sample tubes; smaller and more convenient
  • Changing Mat – you have no idea what surfaces will be available (or in what condition) to lie baby on and anyway it’s much nicer to have your own.
  • Spare clothes – a complete change of clothes is essential as again, Murphy’s law says a nappy will leak or baby will be sick…

When it comes to feeding you'll also need to consider:

  • A muslin or two – always useful for mopping up spills, dribbles and anything else
  • A cover for you while breastfeeding
  • Sterile bottles and teats. Don’t mix before you go out (unless it’s a short trip). Take a flask of hot water, and a small container of milk powder (ready measured) and mix when needed or a carton of formula.
  • Soother, Toys/teethers to keep baby entertained.
  • Snacks for both of you and your toddler.

Don’t forget you also need room for your purse, mobile phone, keys, makeup and all the other stuff you carry!


Gone are the days when it was obvious you were carrying a baby changing bag. These days, many look just like normal handbags. Although expensive (you can find beautiful leather ones costing £200 or more!) you will be able to use them long after baby is out of nappies (in fact I use a changing bag when out on business!) Some bags are even suitable for Dads to carry!

What makes a changing bag different from a handbag? For a start you’ll probably find there are more pockets inside. This is very useful as you can keep things like used nappies away from everything else. Some have insulated pocket for baby’s bottle (although you should never keep a bottle warm for more than a few minutes). Changing bags usually come with a small changing mat, external pockets for important things like your keys and mobile phone. These bags will be full and the last thing you want is to be hunting for essential items. Organisation is the key.

Unlike a handbag, you will need one with a long handle so you can keep hold of it and have two hands free. Look out for those with clips to fasten onto your pushchair.

Apart from this, you can choose what appeals – fabric or leather, colourful or neutral, this style or that. It’s your choice.

  • Coco Bow Ebony Changing Bag
    By Coco Bow and Motherknot
    • Four zip pockets
    • Four expandable pockets
    • Removable lining
    • Pram straps
    View Product
  • Shnuggle - changing the way we change bums!
    By Shnuggle
    • Changing wrap and mat in one
    • Always ready’ wipes dispenser
    View Product
  • Chelsea Downtown Chic Changing Backpack
    By Skip Hop
    • Roomy front zipper pocket
    • Changing mat with own compartment
    • Clip onto a stroller
    • Wear as a backpack!
    View Product
  • Caboodle Backpack
    By Caboodle
    • Bucket style top opening
    • Lots of pockets
    • Includes stroller hang clips,
    • Key clip
    • padded changing mat
    • Waterproof external fabric
    View Product
  • Babymoov launches new changing bag collections!
    By Babymoov
    • Plenty of storage
    •  Unisex styling
    View Product
  • The POD Travel Changing Bag
    By Bizzi Growing
    • Unique fold out crib
    • Perfect sleep solutions for parent on the go
    • Padded mattress/changing mat
    • Quality durable fabric
    • Lots of compartments
    • Insulated bottle pocket
    View Product
  • Bambino Mio Changing Bags
    By Bambino Mio
    • Water-resistant pocket
    • Snap shut magnetic pocket
    • Insulated cool pocket
    • Zipped shallow pocket 
    • Hidden back pocket
    View Product
  • Hoxton and Shoreditch Changing Bags
    By Pink Lining
    • New Hoxton & Shoreditch designs
    • Vegan leather
    • Unisex
    • Trendy Urban style
    View Product