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Health & Wellbeing

It’s not nice to think that your baby might be unwell. Sadly most of them are at some time, though thankfully many illnesses are not serious. However, even a simple cold can be distressing and it’s useful to be prepared.

A blocked nose means a baby finds it difficult to breathe and feed. Whereas we adults simply get a tissue and blow it clear, a baby cannot. A simple aspirator does the job - every home should have one. A thermometer is another essential item and there are several on the market which helps you take your baby’s temperature without disturbing their sleep. Several of these thermometers can be used to check the temperature of the bedroom or the bathwater.

Toothcare is very important to ensure babies' teeth grow well and strong and it needs to start well before baby’s teeth start to appear.

Toothpaste needs to be user friendly - that is has a pleasant taste. Adult varieties are usually minty while the kids' stuff seems so much more interesting - Raspberry toothpaste? Yummy!). Kids also have a tendency to swallow the paste rather than spitting it out so again, it needs to be safe to eat as well. The addition of Xylitol can help prevent cavities in little teeth.

The other key ingredient is the toothbrush. Easy for them to hold and easy for them to get into all corners with a brush that's just right.

And to help those sore gums we have teethers.

  • Vital Baby Health and Safety Kit for Parents
    By Vital Baby
    • Fun Bear Digital bath & room thermometer
    • Nasal decongester
    • Flexisafe thermometer
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  • Nurture™ My Little Star™ Water-filled Teether
    By Vital Baby
    • Easy to hold star shape
    • Cool in the fridge 
    • Soothes sore gums
    • Phthalate, Latex and BPA free
    • Pack of two teethers
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  • Brushbaby Range
    By Brush-Baby
    • Simple 3-point solution
    • No teeth, teething & teeth
    • Ergonomically shaped products
    • Child friendly handles
    • Taste bud friendly tooth paste
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  • Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste
    By Jack 'N' Jill
    • Natural ingredients
    • Organic fruit flavours
    • Calendula to sooth little gums
    • Free of foaming agents (SLS), hypoallergenic
    • Rich in Xylitol to help neutralise bacteria
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  • Nurture™ Fishy Friend™ Dual Surface Water-filled Teether
    By Vital Baby
    • Easy to hold fish shape
    • Cool in the fridge 
    • Soothes sore gums
    • Phthalate, Latex and BPA free
    • Pack of 2 teethers
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