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Potties and Toilet Training

Toilet training is something many parents dread. When's the right time to start? How do I deal with problems?

It's all too easy for the cynical to say that a simple potty is all that's needed. There's actually some very deep psychological things happening when a child moves from wearing nappies. The attitude a parent takes is crucial but to discuss that is beyond our remit here. What we do know is that a child needs to feel safe and comfortable when sitting on the potty – ie the potty has to be stable and the right shape – not all little behinds are the same!!!

Then there is the problem of how does she cope when out and about. When the child needs to go, he needs the potty NOWWWWWWWWW!

Eventually, there comes the time when mum wants to dispense with the hassle of a potty. Falling down into the depths of the toilet pan is a very real fear for many children – they all need a suitable training seat to feel confident.

The other product needed at this time are training pants – absorbent enough to contain accidents but  easy enough to pull down when needed.