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Once baby is on the move, you will need eyes in the back of your head to keep an eye on him the whole time. Life can, however, be made a lot easier with a few choice safety items. Which ones are essential and which ones are a waste of money will vary from family to family, from house to house and from child to child. For example, some children have a fascination with the toilet and insist on putting all sorts of things into the bowl and flushing them away. Other children show no interest. Some children are remarkably obedient and once told ‘Don’t touch!’ can be relied on not to investigate further. For other children, the fun of discovery is more important.

There is a wide choice of different items which may help. Most cost very little so not being able to afford them is not usually an issue. What does stop parents using absolutely everything is simply that they do make life that bit more awkward for everyone. If you have to slightly open a cupboard and slip your hand in to reach for a second catch, it takes that bit longer. If these are on every cupboard in the kitchen, you will soon find it very frustrating.

Many babies end up in Casualty with their parents saying, ‘I didn’t realise he could do that!’ Babies learn fast and the first time they attempt something is the most likely time for an accident. Don’t assume that because your baby has shown no interest in something, he will never touch it. Ask yourself what would be the consequences of baby getting hold of something. The object might make just make a mess or might make baby extremely ill. Always, always, question what baby is doing or might be about to do. You will never protect him from every accident, but’s let hope you can protect him from the most severe.


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