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When it comes to everything 'baby' we keep you up to date.

  • Baby's first Christmas? Here's six tips to survive it!

    Your first Christmas with a newborn baby is nothing like you’ve experienced before. The run up to the big day - childfree - meant slow walks around the shops, little coffee breaks, baking your signature yule log, sitting leisurely writing your cards or making a holly wreath. BUT nothing can compare to spending the holiday season with your little bundle of festive joy. Yes, it will be different but it’s all about learning to...

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  • Think Twice: Winter coats and car seats

    As the colder weather approaches, most of us would have dusted off our winter coats these past few weeks. But when it comes to wrapping up your little ones and travelling in the car, there’s a very important safety hazard to consider. Did you know, that securing your child in their car seat whilst they’re wearing a big, puffy coat could be jeopardising the safety function of the seat? No matter the season, a safety harness on a...

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  • #namespiration: IKEA-inspired baby names?

    Yes, quite possibly the world has gone mad, but more and more mums-to-be are searching for that unusual name. So why not quit the endless Google searches and have a flick through your latest Ikea catalogue! Active baby centre member, LucyBC, did exactly that. "IKEA is known for the charming Scandinavian names it gives its products and many work surprisingly well as baby names." IKEA-inspired baby names Malm Tarva...

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  • Breastfeeding and caffeine: Is it safe?

    1 October 2018 marks International Coffee Day - Make mine a double! You will often hear mums and dads say they ‘desperately need’ one  and that it’s their ‘go-to-pick-me-up’ that’s going to get them through the day. But the luxury of actually sitting down and drinking a nice, hot, steaming Cup of Joe is little more than a pipedream for most parent. So, what’s the deal with drinking...

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  • 10 ways you're a ZOMBIE parent

    Did you know?  ‘ZOMBIE LIKE’ parents get a mere two hours and six minutes of sleep per night? Over three quarters (78 percent) of parents admit to doing something silly due to  sleep deprivation On average, parents get only two hours and six minutes of undisturbed sleep per night with first newborn Nearly four in five parents (77 per cent) would rather have an afternoon nap than  dinner...

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  • 6 reasons why you should read to your baby

    It’s National Read a Book Day! Yes, your little baby may not be able to interact, understand or even hold their head up yet, but did you know there are lots of benefits to reading aloud to your baby? Benefits include... Promotes closeness and bonding Can be used part of a ‘going to bed’ routine to help soothe and calm Encourage communication skills and build vocabulary during their infant years, as...

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  • Why you should NEVER cover your buggy during hot weather

    ...not even with a muslin cloth. Did you know a buggy or pram covered with a blanket can get up to 15 degrees hotter in the sun? According to Swedish researchers The reason why is pretty simple. When you cover your pushchair with a blanket or thin cloth you are preventing any airflow which increases the temperature underneath. Material that lines your stroller is  often washable and hard wearing so they also contribute to your...

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  • Hot weather: Should I give my baby water?

    Knowing what’s best for your baby is usually a ‘learn-as-you-go’ situation, but when it comes to a sudden heatwave, many parents can find themselves panicking amongst the rising temperatures. Little or no clothing, plenty of shade and sun cream is usually the first port of call but what happens when it comes to keeping your baby hydrated when all they drink is milk? Is it enough? According to Dr Tim Ubhi, spokesman for...

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  • Konfidence in the water: For you and your baby

    Leading baby and children’s swimwear brand Konfidence has launched a host of new under-the-sea inspired designs to their award-winning collection. This year, the brand celebrates their 20th Anniversary and what a better to way to mark the occasion with a fun, new range!   New 2018 Babywarma Designs Five new hand drrawn designs - meet Mia the Mermaid, Fergal the Shark, Joni the Whale not forgetting Mishell and Crabby, all...

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  • The end of the wet wipe? Here's how to make your own

    The news broke earlier this month, that as part of a 25 year environment plan to eliminate single-use plastics, the UK government have stated that this will include wet wipes. Wet wipes which include baby wipes, antibacterial wipes and facial cleansing wipes are having a huge impact on our environment. “In the past decade we’ve seen a 700 per cent rise in wipes washed up on beaches,” says Dr Laura Foster, head of pollution...

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