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Breastfeeding and caffeine: Is it safe?

Breastfeeding and caffeine

1 October 2018 marks International Coffee Day - Make mine a double!

You will often hear mums and dads say they ‘desperately need’ one  and that it’s their ‘go-to-pick-me-up’ that’s going to get them through the day. But the luxury of actually sitting down and drinking a nice, hot, steaming Cup of Joe is little more than a pipedream for most parent.

So, what’s the deal with drinking coffee while breastfeeding? Well, here’s a little health advice from the NHS...



Caffeine is a stimulant and can make your baby restless. It's a good idea for pregnant and breastfeeding women to restrict their caffeine intake to less than 200mg a day:

  • one mug of filter coffee: 140mg

  • one mug of instant coffee: 100mg

  • one 250ml can of energy drink: 80mg (larger cans may contain up to 160mg caffeine)

  • one mug of tea: 75mg

  • one 50g plain chocolate bar: up to 50mg

  • one cola drink (354mls): 40mg


To note:

  • Caffeine can reach your baby through your breast milk and may keep them awake.

  • Caffeine occurs naturally in lots of foods and drinks, including coffee, tea and chocolate. It's also added to some soft drinks and energy drinks, as well as some cold and flu remedies.


Why not try:

Try decaffeinated tea and coffee, herbal teas, 100% fruit juice (but no more than one 150ml glass per day) or mineral water.



Avoid energy drinks, which can be very high in caffeine.

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