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Wellbeing: Before there was 'mummy' there was you

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. 1 in 4 of us experience problems that affect our mental health and 1 in 10 women can be affected by postnatal depression.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood brings about huge change. Today is a great day to think about yourself, whether you’re expecting, a new mother or a mum to adult children, how well are you looking after YOU?

Looking after ourselves means we can look after others. Enjoying what we do and feeling a sense of purpose, aside from being a mother, makes us happy.

Small acts of kindness and self love can be a great way to improve your wellbeing but we’re not talking about a long soak in a bath or a glass of red. We mean rediscovering you - doing the things you love, trying something new or pursuing a dream.

We’ve teamed up with the luxury changing bag brand Coco Bow, and mums from all over the UK, to put together some great ways you can rediscover yourself.


Coco Bow founder Katie designed and launched the brand.

 “After being hospitalised with severe pre-eclampsia and having to spend a month in a hospital bed I found myself drawing my dream changing bag. I wanted a bag that looked like a handbag.  I was a young mum and didn't want to lose my style just because I had a baby.

It was just meant to be my little gift to myself, but people started cooing over my changing bag as much as my tiny prem baby that I decided to launch a trial order. They sold out in a couple of weeks.  And that is how Coco Bow started”.



Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to hang up your boots. It’s important to recognise that before there was ‘Mummy’ there was YOU.


6 Great ways to rediscover YOU

Sing to nourish the soul

Have you always loved singing but the shower screen has been your audience for the past decade or two? Why not check out Rock Choir? Join on of their classes to meet new friends and the chance to perform on stage!


Get hands on - upcycle!

Shop for items by day, upcycle by night. If you love all things interiors and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, upcycling furniture or household items can be a great way to get creative and even make a few bob or two if you decided to sell.

Become a ‘Mumpreneur’

Mummy networking has been on the rise over the past few years and more and more communities are hosting business networking events for Mums, so even start at 6am allowing Mummy to be done by 8am if they need to do a childcare swap.

Learn something new

If you fancy returning to the classroom it doesn't have to be all languages, business or IT. There are lots of unique courses on offer these days from hobbyist classes such as DIY, cookery and clothes-making, to career progression courses such as bookkeeping, admin and management.


Even a little goes a long way

Time is hard-pushed when you're a parent but if you want to give something back then there are volunteer opportunities out there - even an hour goes a long way. Find nationwide opportunities via do-it.org


Hike it out

Do you love the great outdoors but the closest you get to a hike is the umpteenth time you went up the stairs today? Check out Ramblers and find a local walking group and with all that fresh air you will be paving the way to a happier, healthier you


If you are looking for guidance or support around postnatal depression please visit the MIND postnatal depression page or speak to your midwife.

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