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#namespiration: IKEA-inspired baby names?

IKEA Baby Names

Yes, quite possibly the world has gone mad, but more and more mums-to-be are searching for that unusual name. So why not quit the endless Google searches and have a flick through your latest Ikea catalogue!

Active baby centre member, LucyBC, did exactly that. "IKEA is known for the charming Scandinavian names it gives its products and many work surprisingly well as baby names."

IKEA-inspired baby names

  • Malm
  • Tarva
  • Stefan
  • Ivar
  • Tobias
  • Stig
  • Franklin
  • Ingo
  • Fredde
  • Sommar
  • Norna
  • Cilla
  • Malinda
  • Elly
  • Henrika
  • Johanne
  • Mata
  • Mydal