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Think Twice: Winter coats and car seats

Car seat safety this winter

As the colder weather approaches, most of us would have dusted off our winter coats these past few weeks. But when it comes to wrapping up your little ones and travelling in the car, there’s a very important safety hazard to consider.

Did you know, that securing your child in their car seat whilst they’re wearing a big, puffy coat could be jeopardising the safety function of the seat? No matter the season, a safety harness on a car seat needs to be secured as tightly to the child’s body as possible.

Why? Because a coat creates a gap between the safety harness and your child. Therefore the harness would not be protecting your child as it should if there was a collision.

Cybex, a leading manufacturer of car seats, are asking parents to think twice when it comes to travelling with children this winter. There are some ways you can tackle the chilly weather without compromising your child’s safety.


Maximum safety and security for your child

Multi-layer principle: It is better to let the child wear several thin layers of clothing. A thin jacket or overalls made from fleece or cotton will keep your child warm and won’t influence the safety of the harness.

Back to front: Before securing the child within the seat, take off the jacket, tightly secure the harness system and put the jacket back on the child in a back to front manner, sliding the arms into the sleeves. As the temperature rises inside the car, the jacket can be easily and quickly taken off – without the hassle of unbuckling.

Wrapped up: You can use the child’s winter jacket as a cosy blanket. Simply take off the jacket before securing the child in the seat and wrap the child in it after. If it’s getting too warm for the little passenger, the jacket can be quickly taken off. In addition, there are footmuffs and blankets specifically designed for children in car seats to keep them warm in the winter.

Natural seat heating: Before starting a journey, put a warm cherry pit cushion on the car seat to slightly heat it up. The cushion should be removed before the child is seated in the seat.

Cybex’s car seats are tested thoroughly and extensively to define its exact lifespan. Within these tests, extreme temperatures, such as cold and heat, are an inherent part of the testing procedure, ensuring the car seats can endure severe temperatures throughout the year.

Bernhard Kastner, child safety expert at Cybex, said: “Be it minus 10 degrees in the winter or 35 degrees in the summer, our car seats can be used with full confidence.”

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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