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Swaddling & babywearing: Are you putting your baby's hips at risk?

Hip Dysplasia: Baby hip health

Did you know that babies in the first months of their life are most at risk to hip dysplasia or dislocation?

Babies are moved around quite a fair bit during their early life, for example - in and out a car seat, a pram, swaddled, to and fro a carrier or sling (to name a few).  But did you know all these situations could potentially be putting your baby's hip health at risk?

“During the first few months of life the ball is more likely to be loose within the socket because babies are naturally flexible and because the edges of the socket are made of soft cartilage like the cartilage in the ear. Hip dysplasia or dislocation in babies is not painful so this may go undetected until walking age and may also result in painful arthritis during adulthood.”*

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute* has some guidance when it comes to how your baby’s legs and hips are positioned.

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Photo by Ignacio Campo on Unsplash