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Positive thinking during pregnancy COULD make your child clever...

Positive thinking during pregnancy

Could positive thinking through pregnancy make your baby clever?

A recent psychological study claims that expectant mothers who think positively during pregnancy could result in their child excelling at maths and science during their educational years.

It comes down to attitude.

The women highlighted in the study were those with a personality attribute known as an ‘internal locus of control’ - someone who believes that he or she can influence events and their outcomes, while someone with an external locus of control blames outside forces for everything.

Researchers took data from the Children Of The 90s study, analysing the responses of 1,600 pregnant women and the later mathematical scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills of their children.

Director of the study Professor Golding said: “If our findings that mothers’ attitudes and behaviours can have an effect on their child’s academic abilities can be replicated, it would suggest that more efforts should be made to increase the opportunities for mothers to feel that their behaviours will have a positive outcome for themselves and their children. It would help future generations raise healthy, confident and independent children.”

The researchers noted that the findings only show a relationship between the mother’s locus of control and a child’s outcomes, and said more work is needed to explore cause and effect. [ITV, Feb 2019]


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash