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Holiday hacks #travelwithkids

travel hacks

You would think taking your little ones on holiday would be ‘entertainment enough’ but you will still get the grizzlies, the tantrums and hear those sweet little words “I’m bored” (!)

Lastminute.com have put together a helpful list of best tips and tricks for travelling with kids. We’ve pulled our favorites below, but to see the full list, check them out here 



A checklist

It seems obvious but it’s amazing how many parents just do it from memory - which is fine - but not when you're at your destination and you've forgotten your LOs sleep comforter and now it’s 14 nights of nighttime misery! Also, it’s great for packing when you come home.

Home comforts

Your child’s pillowcase, sleep teddy, sleep sac or nightlight can ease them into settling in when away, so it’s definitely worth trying to find space for these.

Back up clothes in your carry on

You never know if you might have a long flight delay or your luggage might go missing, so having some extra clothes will be a godsend. Roll up spare clothes to squeeze them into your hand luggage - fresh, clean clothes can really boost morale!


Whether it’s supplies for a nappy explosion, or wet wipes, muslins, a spare dummy or antibacterial gel - dont leave the life-line supplies in the bottom of your bag, make sure it’s handy and easy to get to. Wash bags are great for these.

Spare bags

Wet and dry bags, zip locks or reusable bags are great for storing rubbish, dirty clothes or empty snack pots. You never know when you might find a bin again or it might be a few hours until you can get to a sink or washing machine.