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From corn…to cloth because we believe nappies shouldn’t cost the Earth...

Close Puffin Design

Materials matter to us at Close and we are continuing our journey towards increased sustainability and lower impact materials that are better for the planet and help to conserve precious natural resources.

This April was world Earth month, the perfect time to focus our energies on the environment and think about the small things we can all do to make a big difference!  In celebration of this we are very excited to announce yet another first for Pop-in with the launch of our bio TPU laminate, marking the next phase of our 2020 swaps towards sustainability.

We have a gorgeous new print to celebrate this landmark launch, our super cute Puffin design is a limited edition print exclusively available with our new plant-based laminate. The thing we love most about this wonderful laminate is the reduction in non-renewable resources needed to make each nappy, approximately 20-30% of the TPU material comes from a renewable plant-based source. It starts off as corn in fact, then via a fermentation process, the glucose from corn starch is turned into a bio component which can reduce the amount of petroleum used. 

TPU is already a ‘lower impact’ plastic which is why we choose it, but the whole process of using bio-based materials in the mix offers significant environmental benefits.  In fact, according to an LCA lifestyle report*conducted, up to 48% less greenhouse gas emissions and up to 46% less non-renewable energy is used which is no small thing!

Close have been using materials derived from bamboo in our nappies for more than 12 years now and using corn starch for our nappy liners and packaging for nearly as long!  It’s always been part of our ongoing mission to put sustainability at the heart of the brand and this is just the next stage in the evolution of Pop-in, hopefully giving environmentally conscious parents even more reason to Pop-in rather than dispose!

This exciting new move follows the rollout of recycled polyester earlier this year. Now products right across the Pop-in range will be made with our low impact polyester material which comes from 100% recycled bottles. So every parent that chooses Pop-in will not only be diverting nappies from landfill but also repurposing plastic water bottles destined for the bin or worse! A staggering 60 million plastic bottles are used and thrown away daily around the world. By choosing to Pop-in full-time you will be diverting a worthwhile 50 bottles from landfill as well as over 5000 nappies too!

Products available in the Puffin bio laminate range; Pop-in New Gen V2 Nappy RRP £20.50, Pop-in New Gen V2 Popper Nappy RRP £21.00, Pop-in Newborn Nappy RRP £10.50, Pop-in Nappy Wrap (Aplix) RRP £14.00, Pop-in Nappy Wrap (Poppers) RRP £14.00, all available at www.closeparent.com.

* “Life Cycle Assessment Update for Bio-PDO and Sorona® Polymer,” September 12, 2017 by Krieger, T., and Veith, S.

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